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Mystery Press on Nail Subscription | Random Nail Set

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Love getting surprises in the mail? Love unique press on nails and nail art?! How about getting a surprise in the mail every month by joining the Nail of the Month Club. Choose the length of your subscription (one month, three months, or six months), what type of nail adhesive you would like, and if you want a universal sets (all sizes. 20 nails total) or a custom set (you will receive a nail sizing kit shortly after your first purchase).

All nail sets are made using the highest quality products. Nails can last up to 2-3 weeks with proper application, and be reused only with proper application and care!


*How to order*

Step 1. Proceed to the "Nail Guides" page to decide what nail size and shape your would like.

Step 2. Come back to this page and choose your subscription length and your adhesive preference.

Step 3. Before the transaction is completed, you will have an option to leave a message with me. Please note your nail size and if you would like a glossy finish or a matte finish. 



Each month you will receive 1 custom set (10 individual nails total). The designs and colors on the nails will vary month to month customized to specifications that you decide. Every month, I will message you to help you design your custom set. Prices vary compared to the mystery mailer because of the added time to design and converse each month. Nails will ship out the first week of every month so if you join mid month, they will ship the first week of the following month.
Feel free to message me if you have any questions and I am happy to help


10 nails of your design and a free gift!

You will also receive 1 complementary sizing kit on your FIRST order which includes 1 nail file, 1 nail glue or 1 sheet of adhesive tabs (you will choose), 1 wooden cuticle pusher, and 2 alcohol pads. After your first order, you will need to purchase more as you need them in my shop for $3.50. 

-Returns are NOT accepted due to sanitary reasons
-No cancellations if your order has already been started!

***Colors in pictures may vary

*** 10% of every purchase gets donated to charity ***



Brooke-Lyne Grimes