Custom couple sticker

Custom couple sticker

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A great gift for weddings, anniversaries or just to give to a couple you know! Any picture or photo of yourself that you’d like, I can turn into your own custom vinyl sticker. Perfect for decorating laptops, mirrors, wrapping paper and cards, Hydro flasks and more.

If you have any questions please send me a message and I will be happy to assist you!

♥️ How to order ♥️ 
1. Choose the number of people that are in the photograph that would be illustrated
2. Select sticker size

3. Select sticker quantity

4. Add to cart and check out

5. Send me your picture(s) here on my website or on Etsy

I’ll send you the illustration for approval before printing

 ♥️ Shipping information ♥️ 

Packages are shipped via USPS first class package shipping and you’ll be receiving a USPS tracking number

The stickers are printed on durable high opacity adhesive vinyl; which makes them perfect for regular use!

Make sure to clean any surface before applying the sticker

If you want to buy more than one sticker, please message me for a discount! This only applies to duplicate stickers